Cursing Stone Bio

Cursing Stone is a five piece female fronted rock band which formed in Sydney Australia in 2006. Originally a project involving Vocalist Natalie Whitton and guitarist Corey Wyer, the band was eventually fleshed out in order to play live and Pablo Steiner (Bass) and Dave Thomas (Drums) were permanently added to the roster. Early in 2014 Clare Sadler, a keyboard player joined the team enriching the band’s sound dramatically.

Sonically Cursing Stone has it’s roots in Rock/Power Metal, however Natalie’s classically trained Mezzo voice adds a unique soulful tonality which expands the band’s sonic canvas and lends itself beautifully to the orchestrated and choral motifs that the band often experiments with, while still maintaining pop centric melodies and hooky arrangements.

In 2008 the band released their first self titled independent album under the name The Cursing Stone. Later the band would simplify the name to just ‘Cursing Stone’.

In 2012 the band followed up the debut with the single ‘Falling’. The first single from the upcoming EP ‘From Ashes Reborn’ Falling is a bit of a departure from the style of the first album with atmospheric samples and more electronic elements. It is more indicative of the direction of the new record.

June 2013 saw the release of the second single ‘Stars’. This track was accompanied by a music video, directed and produced by guitarist Corey.

In 2015 Cursing Stone released the first of a two part EP entitled From Ashes Reborn.

Since then Cursing Stone's bass player, Pablo took up a fantastic opportunity in Spain, and sadly had to leave Australia. After a fairly long hiatus, The band decided that, rather than find another bassist, that they would continue on with Pablo. The decision centring around discussions that without Pablo's cornerstone sound, it just wouldn't be the same band. This transformation has meant that while the band would be performing less live shows, they would continue on as an international recording project. 

Cursing Stone have been playing live around Sydney for many years including regular gigs at places like The Lewisham, The Bald Faced Stag and The Gaelic Club, and is looking forward to moving in a new direction throughout 2017. First up, the launch of the new single and music video for Alive.


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