Corey has been locked away in TCS Studios frantically laying down the guitar parts for the album. It is a long process with many new parts being composed on the fly to flesh out the songs. He had this to say:

"It's a process, many things need to be considered when writing the guitar parts. We went in to the recording process with basic arrangements, and we've been slowly adding complexity during ther recording process. Some of the decisisions you have to make when you come up with a cool new part is, does it conflict with the vocal melody, is there something better I can do with orchestral parts or synths, etc. You end up spending all this time writing, only to dump it in favour of something better. It's a very involved process."

Next in line is all of the clean / acoustic guitar parts. Then filling out the tracks with synths and orchestral / piano bits. Then it's back to Puzzle Factory to record all of the vocal parts.

There is still no projected date for completion, however having a master by the end of December is still on the cards.