Cursing Stone is back!

So much has transpired since the last EP.  The biggest being that Pablo moved to Spain. The decision was equally as difficult for Pablo as it was for the rest of us. We all took an unplanned break to come to terms with the circumstances and to take stock, and maybe figure out our next move. As such Cursing Stone has decided to move in a new direction, focusing more on being a recording project. We all agreed that Pablo is the cornerstone of our sound and we strongly believe that without his input, we just aren't Cursing Stone any more. 

So never fear, your favourite Aussie female fronted act will still be producing music (business as usual) we just won't be playing a lot of shows. We have transitioned from a hard working, live rock act, to an international recording project! Pretty cool huh?

Stay Tuned. We have something coming up for you, real soon!